And the winners are... 

Judges had to choose from hundreds of impressive entries – but the winners in the end were:  

Best Original Journalism - Presented by Clive Myrie 


Investigation of the Year - Presented by Reeta Chakrabarti 

Winner: BBC News Arabic Documentaries - Undercover with the Clerics: Iraq's Secret Sex Trade    

This documentary exposed the exploitation of vulnerable girls and young women at some of Iraq's holiest shrines. Working with an undercover reporter, BBC Arabic's Nawal Al Maghafi uncovers the grooming and exploitation of vulnerable girls and young women, trapped into prostitution and pimped out.  The piece and the team behind it were singled out for their brave, pain-staking, original journalism with real impact. The judges said it was "so dangerous, so important [and] so impressive." 


Best Initiative for Reaching New Audiences 

Winner: BBC's Cut Through the Noise  

The BBC's first-ever show exclusively for Facebook Watch is a weekly programme filmed and edited in vertical for mobile consumption. A deep dive into subjects leading the US news agenda as well as social issues on which we might want to drive a conversation. It is the most-watched weekly news show on Facebook with 1.6 million views per episode.

Presented by Sophia Smith Galer and Emma Bentley 


Best Impactful Multi-Platform Story  

Winner: Georgie Bevan - Endometriosis - 13,500 UK women share their story with the BBC 

In October 2019, BBC News gave a voice to more than 13 thousand women from across the UK who suffer from Endometriosis. Coverage went across TV (the News channel, BBC One bulletins and Victoria Derbyshire), radio (Emma Barnett, Women's Hour), more than 20 local England stations, 5 Live, Asian Network, Newsbeat, BBC Scotland, BBC Wales and BBC Northern Ireland, each with at least one case study talking about the condition and the impact it's had on their life.   

Presented by Greg James 


Best Digital Innovation 

Winner: BBC Africa Eye Team - Sudan's Livestream Massacre  

On 3 June 2019 there was a massacre on the streets of Khartoum. Sudan's military rulers made sure that no TV news cameras were there to record events. The BBC's Africa Eye team analysed more than 300 mobile phone videos of the violence, verifying every clip and identifying where and when they were filmed, creating a street-by-street, minute-by-minute account of the massacre.   

Presented by Jessica Hynes 


Most Innovative Use of Technology  

Winner: BBC News Labs team - SALCO Election Stories  

The BBC News Labs team election results work bought together language template technology to produce 690 stories within around 10 hours for the 2019 UK general election, including 40 stories in Welsh. This meant BBC News produced relevant content for every UK license fee payer and their constituency, often within minutes of results being declared. It was made possible by integrating a technology called natural language generation (NLG) into editorial and publishing workflows.  

Presented by Tim Harford 


Most Innovative Use of Production Craft 

Winner: Howard Timberlake, BBC Reel - BBC Reel: Could the Big Bang have created a hidden 'twin' Universe?  

Howard's scientific explainer video on BBC Reel demonstrates creativity and fresh ways of thinking. Judges said his winning piece really drew them in and kept them engaged, leaving them immersed in the storytelling and astounded by how freshly and beautifully it was put together. Howard's spectacular edit was all done in house, delivering a piece that clearly explains and explores an incredibly complex topic.   

Presented by Tanni Grey Thompson 


Exceptional Contribution Throughout COVID-19 Lockdown (Editorial)  

Winner: Nalini SivathasanAsian Network News - COVID-19 Languages Videos  

Nalini's seven-part shareable series for Asian Network News, each in a different language, delivered critical health messages to the Asian community during the height of the pandemic. The pieces were pushed out across Asian Network social channels, clocking up more than one million views and were shared widely by doctors, medical associations, charities, schools and local government.   

Presented by Jane Hill 


Exceptional Contribution Throughout COVID-19 Lockdown (Operations & Support)  

Winner: Adam Walker, Harriet Bradshaw, David McIlveen, Phill Edwards, Tony Fallshaw - Intensive Care Units coverage  

This team provided coverage from intensive care units at the height of the pandemic's first wave in the UK, often placing themselves in harm's way. They told the stories of both the victims and the NHS staff on the front line, at a time when little was known about the virus and we were still developing working practices to keep people safe. Judges called it high impact content which changed the perception of the COVID crisis. 

Presented by Claudia Winkleman 


Rising Star of the Year – in memory of Hanna Yusuf 

Winner: Insaf Abbas (Outside Source) 

Insaf's work is a real example of creativity, enthusiasm and impressive ability to tell powerful stories and deal expertly with complex, sensitive issues. Judges felt that Insaf goes above and beyond to support other people in all areas of the BBC, and by extension BBC News itself, which was very much in the spirit of what Hanna stood for. 

Presented by Rianna Croxford, Joice Etutu, Megha Mohan and Sophia Smith Galer 


Leader of the Year 

Winner: Chris Cook (Operations) 

Judges praised Chris as a dynamic leader with an inspirational vision, who goes above and beyond to offer great support to his team. He exemplifies BBC values and leads with expertise, calm precision and good humour. 

Presented by Tim Davie 


The Gold Award - in memory of Jon Leleu 

Winner: Myles Bonnar (BBC Panorama/BBC Disclosure) 

Myles was selected for his outstanding work leading impressive investigative pieces that attract a varied audience and really showcase the best of BBC journalism. His judgement, ideas, collaboration and creativity are much admired. 

Presented by Katie Lloyd and Kamal Ahmed 


Unsung Hero, editorial 

Winner: George Wafula (Social Media Visual Artist, BBC Africa) 

Staff chose George as our Unsung Hero this year for his creative, collaborative approach in producing compelling, informative stories. George's contribution and dedication to BBC News is an inspiration. 

Presented by Emma Barnett 


Unsung Hero, non-editorial

Winner: Delhi Production Operations Team 

The Delhi Production Operations Team were chosen by staff for this award due to their creativity, passion and relentless commitment to producing outstanding content for the BBC Delhi Bureau. Teams like this truly make the BBC the world-renowned institution that it is. 

Presented by Romesh Ranganathan 


Special Recognition Award (x2)  

1. Winner: UK Output Operations  

The UK Output Operations team were chosen for special recognition due to their exceptional commitment to BBC News, for their ingenuity, adaptability, resilience and professionalism - and all they have done to keep BBC News on-air 24/7 amid a global pandemic. 

Presented by Fi Glover and Jane Garvey  

2. Winner: Mainland China and Hong Kong teams  

The judges commended the teams for their innovative, proactive and brave coverage. Despite coming under intense and targeted pressure and constant intimidation, they have continued to deliver outstanding journalism for all our audiences. 

Presented by Frank Gardner 


Judges Choice Award

Winner: Health and Medical Team 

This unprecedented year has brought many unique challenges, and this award is in recognition of the exceptional commitment and dedication of the Health and Medical team in reporting on the coronavirus pandemic. From leading exclusives to powerful explainers, their creativity, expertise, and excellent storytelling has kept audiences informed about the story since it began.