Most Impactful Journalism

Joint winners – BBC Ukrainian Team and News Podcast Team

News Podcast Team for Ukrainecast

| News Podcast Team for Ukrainecast including, Victoria Derbyshire, Vitaliy Shevchenko, Jonathan Aspinwall, Emma Crowe, Sam Bonham, Alison Gee.

| BBC Ukrainian Team for Ukraine coverage: Albiy Shudrya, Anna Kundirenko, Anastasiya Gribanova, Anastasiya Zanuda, Daria Taradai, Diana Kuryshko, George Erman, Gregory Zhygalov, Halyna Korba, Igor Nevolko, Ilona Hromliuk, Irena Taranyuk, Marta Shokalo, Myroslava Petsa, Nataliya Skofenko, Oksana Torop, Oleg Karpyak, Oles Khrystiuk, Olga Malchevska, Olga Radomska, Olesya Zhigalyuk, Oleh Chernysh, Olha Kalmykova, RomanLebed, Svitlana Dorosh, Tetiana Kharchenko, Victoria Prisedskaya, Viktoriia Zhuhan, Vitalii Chervonenko, Yana Gribovskaya, Yevhenia Kovalevska, Zhenya Shidlovska, Zhanna Bezpiatchuk.

Judges said that their work was “undoubtably a great example of the global impact that a core BBC News story can have. An extraordinary range of output produced under such pressure; and they must be commended for being so ready to help producers on all other output as well. A shining example of collaboration between the two teams.” 

Judges also wanted to recognise that ‘Turkey Teeth’ and ‘Trading Nudes’ took BBC Journalism to hard-to-reach audiences. 


Outstanding Innovation

BBC Eye Investigations

BBC Eye Investigations/BBC News Russian team

| Victoria Arakelyan, Bertram Hill, Antoine Schirer, Jake Tacchi, Mustafa Khalili and everyone in the BBC Eye Investigations/BBC News Russian team for ‘Finding My Torturer’

One judge said "this blew my mind and was genuinely original - not only is the story extraordinary, but it is the innovative use of journalism techniques combined with open source data which enables the tale to unfold. The way this is delivered to the audience 100% enhances their understanding of the issues involved.”


Outstanding Contribution to Operations – In Memory of Anthony Shelmerdine

Samar Salekipour

Samar Salekipour - Picture Editor, TV News Editing

| Samar Salekipour (pictured right) - Picture Editor, TV News Editing, ‘Our World: I Call Him By His Name’

Judges said that this was an “outstanding piece of work” and that “Samar truly reflects the values Anthony stood for in delivering creative craft editing to a very high standard. What a stunning piece of TV this was and it is very fitting in memory of Anthony.”

Judges also wanted to specially commend the Output Operations Scheduling Team and Roger Simpson.


Outstanding Initiative for Reaching Underserved Audiences

Evgenia Shidlovska

Evgenia Shidlovska - BBC Ukrainian correspondent

| Evgenia Shidlovska (pictured right) - BBC Ukrainian correspondent, BBC Ukrainian Team

Judges commented that "Evgenia’s work was fun to watch and showed collaboration, innovation and ingenuity and really stands out for originality." 


Outstanding Original Journalism / Investigation

Reporting England Team and the Data Journalism Team

Reporting England Team and the Data Journalism Team

| Ruth Green, Dominic Hughes, Brijesh Patel, Jenny Kumah, Harriet Agerholm and Libby Rogers from the Reporting England Team and the Data Journalism Team for ‘Disappearing Dentists’

Judges said “they were so impressed with the level of collaboration on this one. It came from a small idea and was developed into something huge and the sheer amount of work that went into gathering data is hugely impressive and showed the BBC at its very best. Whether you’re in Perth or London, it was of interest to you. Everyone has teeth!”


Rising Star of the Year – In Memory of Hanna Yusuf

Ione Wells

Ione Wells - Political Correspondent

| Ione Wells - Political Correspondent, BBC Politics

Judges highlighted that Ione is a “clear star and beyond incredible” and asked “how many young reporters topple governments?” They agreed it honours Hanna’s memory to recognise someone who will "probably one day be political editor."

Judges also wanted to give Runako Celina a special mention, whose “language and investigative skills in her outstanding original investigation, really made them think of Hanna."


Team Leader of the Year

Hilary Bishop

Hilary Bishop - News Executive

| Hilary Bishop - News Executive, BBC News International Services

Judges said this was a very difficult decision to make, as there was strong evidence for each candidate and all “bring so much to the BBC.”

Judges commented that "there were extra elements to her leadership as Hilary has a high reputation across the BBC, is a sustainability champion, is exceptionally effective and demonstrates integrity and dedication to the World Service.”


Unsung Hero: Editorial (voted for by staff)

Mahfouz Zubaide

Mahfouz Zubaide - Senior Journalist

| Mahfouz Zubaide - Senior Journalist, South Asia News Content 

Nominees said “Mahfouz Zubaide has been the backbone of our Afghan reporting and operations for more than two decades, first from inside the country and now from outside - he had to leave Afghanistan with his family after the Taliban took over last year. No report from Afghanistan would be possible or complete without his knowledge, guidance and contacts.”


Unsung Hero: Non-editorial (voted for by staff)

Diversity & Inclusion India Team

Diversity and Inclusion India Team

| Diversity & Inclusion India Team

The nominator said “the team has now become a pathbreaking force aimed at boosting diversity not just within the BBC India newsroom but also in diversifying our content. The D&I team of volunteers are passionate about bringing meaningful change and often work outside their regular hours.”


Gold Award – In Memory of Jon Leleu

Chris Cook

Chris Cook - Creative Director

| Chris Cook - Creative Director, UK Output Operations

Judges mentioned that “Chris was a standout candidate and is everything Jon was at work – creative, inclusive, and someone who brings out the best in people."

They also agreed that Chris is an “outstanding colleague and collaborator and his individual contribution and impressive leadership in the creation of Studio B makes him the ideal winner for this award."

“Not only does Chris go above and beyond to bring people together and push for results, he is respectful of others, positive and decisive – with a clear focus of putting our audiences and their experience first.”